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Abraham in his new home in California


Hi Elena, He’s doing so well. Very well behaved and growing so fast! He started puppy training at Petsmart last week and is learning very quickly. Thanks for selling us a great puppy and I will be in contact with you if I have any further questions. By the way, several people have met Luca on several of our trips to the beach and everyone is asking where I got him. I have given them your contact information. I will be sending you some pictures.


Abacus in his new home in California


Elena Hope you guys are doing well. Just thought I’d give you an update on Abacas. I changed his name to Diesel… He went to the vet yesterday and he’s doing great! He weighs 29 pounds and is a big boy. He is absolutely awesome!! Here a pic.


Hercules in his new home


Elena, We are having a great time with Jersey and Hercules (now Joe). Jersey really loves having him around, and so do we. I think he is having a good time at our house, but I am sure he misses all of you. It took him a few days to get really comfortable in the house, and now it is just like he has been here from the beginning.

I am so glad you allowed us to take him!!!! He follows John all over the house, the males are sticking together, I am glad Jersey is alright with that :) You can see Hercules (Joe) made himself at home on Jersey’s leopard bed with pink pillow…she did not like that and walked right over to him to kick him off, it was so funny to watch.

We are getting him a male looking bed this weekend. I will send photos as he grows…he is going to be huge! We are really looking forward to see how he grows. I will always keep in touch and thanks again for allowing us to add Hercules (Joe) to our home.
Sincerely, Jennifer, John, Jaelyn, Jersey, and now Joe (Hercules)


Candy in her new home in California


Good morning, Elena.
This is Nina (Candy is what you called the puppy) owner. She is a energetic little thing that always makes us laugh. I will send you a photo also.
Thanks Nina.


Kid of champion number 3






Akello in his new home in California


Hi Elena! Thank you so much for Akello (new name Stitch!). He is the sweetest :) I am attaching a picture of him… He loves riding in the car! Thanks!
Caroline Kim


Fabio (Timmi) in his new home in Virginia


Elena, as you know, I looked for the right French Bulldog for two years before I made my purchase from you. I looked at several hundred dogs. Time and time again I came back to your site because you were consistently breeding Quality Dogs. Quality is something I really appreciate and insist on having. His picture speaks volumes. If you know of anyone in Virginia that would show him and finish him, please let me know. He is a worthy Dog. His temperament is 100% perfection! He loves our children ages ranging from 2years- 17years. He loves his cat friend, and is my shadow. He enjoys RV-ing and his travels to various cities. He loves to be the center of attention and knows without a doubt he is quit the specimen! «Fabio’s Reflection of Perfection» and Katherine Wright. I’m keeping my eyes wide open and looking at your pups regularly for my next companion.
God Bless you!


My Dasha


Hi Elena and Phil, Here’s some pictures of my babies Molly and Dasha, she is doing very good, we’re very happy with her. Molly and her get alone quite well. Again I want to thank you both for such a wonderful experience. You guys ROCK!!!
Love. Lisa, Dasha, and Molly


Happy Easter Elena from Dasha (Jersey) and Hercules (Joe)




Flitvud Milton in his new home


Hello Elena, We bought puppy from you Flitvud Milton. We love our dog very much, he means the world to us. He is loving and playful, and very friendly. He participated in the Long Beach English Bulldog Beauty Contest, and won for Best Legs (Here is the Link) We have followed all of your recommendations. If you have any other recommendations that you can give us to make sure that we have Marino in our lives for many more years to come, we would greatly appreciate it. I have attached some pictures of Marino for you to see him.
Thank you, Hector and Karina Martinez


Bingo Bongo in his new home in San Diego, CA


Hi Elena Bingo Bongo has been doing very well and we are very pleased with him, we have renamed him Dexter. I did take him to the vet for his new puppy check up yesterday and the doctor said he looks great and there are no health problems. I forgot to have him sign the agreement but will have him sign it the next time, we are going back next week. I went ahead and signed my sections of the contract and have attached for your records. Thanks!
Alexandria Giobbi


Favorite in his new home in California


Elena, I just wanted to let you know that Favorite is doing fine. He seems to be getting bigger (I think he is close to 28 lbs. now) and just loves everyone, expecially our granddaughters…I think he feels they are his personal play toys. We go for a walk every morning…which doesn’t tire him out at all. He is curious about everything 24 hours a day. He loves to be a lap dog…likes to be in either Steve’s or my lap…and especially likes to rock himself in my rocking chair. Steve, Favorite and I are starting puppy training classes in a few weeks which we are looking forward to. Attached are a few pictures of him…unfortunately I’m not a good photographer.
Margo Larabee


Beauty in her new home in California


Hi, Just wanted to give you a update on our special girl. She is doing great. She fits right in with our family. She is very spoiled. She looks at you with the dark eyes and gets what she wants. But she is very good. Calm and loving. We really love her. Thanks so much for her. Ill keep sending you pictures of the girls to keep you updated.


Champion boy number 2 now Douzer in his new home in New Mexico


I just purchased my Male puppy 2 weeks ago from Elena & Phillip Merrill,and I cannot say enough good things about these people, I recieved my puppy hand delivered in Great condition, with no problems what so ever. We went to see the vet the next day and we had a clean bill of health,stool sample negative, and a very healthy baby boy. The vet told me this was the nicest bulldog puppy that he has seen in a long time and he is a bulldog vet.

The Merrill’s answered any and all questions I had (and believe me it was alot) Elena has sent me numerous pictures when I have asked for them and totally communicated with me through out the purchasing process which is a very simple process. They are very honest, down to earth,& trustworthy people and extremly expierenced in what they do. I am now anxiously awaiting my baby girl from them also.
I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase a bulldog puppy.


Daduda in her new home in California


Elena: We are having fun with the little girl. My daughter named her «Chanel». I took her for a vet exam yesterday. She is 15.5 pounds and is in great health. I will be mailing back the vet signature and vet receipt that you asked for later today.

Hannah will send you pictures as she develops and grows. She is great friends with my Maltese who is 2 years old. Thank you! John.

Elena, Thank you so much for the little bulldog! I named her Chanel. She is doing so well and really likes out little Maltese. Chanel is sleeping with me every single night and is a total cuddle! I love her so much! I will send you a couple more pics as she gets bigger. Again, thank you!! Hannah


Absolut in his new home in California


Hey Elena, i received Absolut now Vinny from you back in December, he is now 8 months old and a BIG BIG boy, we went to the vet a few days ago and he is now 60 lbs, well he is full of energy and i receive compliments on him whenever we take him out, ive recommended you guys to people who have stopped me to ask me where i got him. Heres a picture of him.
Thanks ivan


Bubble in his new home in California


Here’s our boy Kingston! We love him! He is doing great, just training him. I will keep in touch, thanks for answering our questions!
Chrissy & Gabe Torres


Senjora in her new home in California


Hi Elena, Senjora doing really good. Our male Akita and male French Bulldog love her. She actually stands up to them when she thinks they want her toy. My Akita gets scared of her when she is mad at him. All of our family and friends have been by to play with her and she loves to play with our neighbors little dog. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions on Saturday. We will keep in touch and send pictures as she grows up.
Thanks again,
Shannon Slater and family


Ronald in his new home in California


Hi Elena, Just want to let you know Ronald is doing very well. We changed his name to Brutus. He’s a very sweet boy and still acts like a puppy for an 8 month old. He had his first bath last weekend and his nails were trimmed. We’re very happy to have him in our family. Thank you very much for raising such a well mannered dog. He’s funny, pretty smart, and learning a lot of things. 

He loves eating, sleeping, and cuddling. So cute. He seems to only want to eat the dry food mixed with the Purina canned puppy food. He hasn’t eaten any of the dry food when I leave it out for him. Hope all is well with you and all your other dogs.


Our Kingston (Bubble) is growing!


Elena- Just wanted to share this picture with you. We have met do many bulldog owners in Long Beach who have purchased their bulldog from you at least 5!!!
Take care — Chrissy and Gabriel Torres And Kingston(Bubbles)


Dimond in his new home in California


Hey Elena! Just a quick update. Everything is fine. Dimond is settling in. My daughter has not left his side. :) He seems to be relaxing and really likes her (giving her lots of kisses). I attached a picture, she is reading a book to him. We are going to wait a couple of days before introducing him to our dogs.

We saw my vet today…all is fine. I am swamped the next few days with the kids, so I put the purchase agreement filled out and signed in today’s mail. You should get it with your mail tomorrow or Thursday. We call him Runkle…he is very happy here. I attatched a couple of pictures for you. I will let you know how that goes! Thanks again… I’ll send you another update soon.


Tea cup (Sasha) in with her new mom and daddy in California


Hello Elena! Sasha is doing great! She is such a joy to have around the house. Very sweet and funny. She looks at us like she knows what we’re thinking! Attached are the signed documents you requested.
The Vet gave her a clean bill of health! Thank you again,
Samantha, Mike & Sasha


Markisa now Knightley in her new home in California


Elena, We just wanted to thank both of you for bringing our puppy Knightley (Markisa) into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She so is so beautiful and lively that people constantly stop us to meet her. Her signature move is a butt wiggle that is so funny and silly that you can’t help but laugh. 

Attached are a couple of pictures that we thought you would like. Also, in the future we would like to get Knightley a little brother to play with, so we will probably be giving you a buzz next year sometime. Take care.
Dave, Erika and Knightley


Blue fawn pups after one year in they new home in San Francisco California


This is Natasha and Colin, we got Conan and Sweetlime from you last august (brother and sister, green eyed, blue carrier fawns). They just turned 1 in June and are doing great. They are so playful and sweet, with huge personalities. Everyone falls in love with them, which is good because they love all people and dogs, they always want to play. Its hard to walk them anywhere because people are always stopping us to ask about them! We couldn’t be happier.
Thank you, Colin and Natasha Baker.


Leonid (Ozzy) in his new home is Baldwin Park,California


Hi Elena I hope you and Philip are doing well. Leonid now Ozzy so big now and very playful and a very well behaved dog we just enjoy having him. This is Ozzy with my som Jeremy.
Thank you,
Arlene Lopez Flores
Baldwin Park, CA


Burke in his new home in California

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Hi Olena, The vet has signed Burke’s paperwork and everything is great with his health!
Thank you so much again :) He is so sweet.


Balmont (Iggy) in his new home in California


Hi Elena. I am sure you don’t remember me, but my friend Brooke and I both got Frenchies from you about a year ago. They were both males from the same litter. I named my little boy Iggy and my friend named hers Jack. They are both wonderful dogs. Iggy is a member of our family and we love him very much. I am interested in getting another maybe in February of next year so that Iggy can have a sister. This time I would like a girl and if at all possible, relative of Balmont (now Iggy). Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am attaching some pictures of Iggy. I just love him so much. Brooke and I might be moving our timeline up to around the November timeframe to get our baby girls. Just wanted to let you know. I saw some pictures on your website of a little girl that look so much like Iggy. What a cutie. Enjoy the pictures.
Thank you. Carrie Manalo


Basilio (Jack)in his new home in California


Hi Elena, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I bought a Frenchie from you called Basilio (now called Jack White) about a year and a half ago. I just wanted to say hi because I know you are talking to my friend Carrie (who bought a Frenchie from you at the same time) about getting another dog from you.

I have attached a couple of photos of Jack and I just wanted to say how much I love him. He truly is a member of our family — words really cannot express how much my husband and I love him! He has the best little personality.

He is exactly 17.5 pounds, which is what you told me he’d grow to be. I have attached a couple of photos of him for you to see. I will send you another email with two more photos. We are interested in getting a little sister for him in about two months. Will you have any little girl Frenchies available then? I don’t want Jack’s little sister to be bigger than he is, so we would like to get one who is on the smaller side again — around 17 pounds when she’s full grown. Not sure if you would have a sister of Jack’s available. Anyway, let me know what you think. Thank you again! Best,


Maya n her new home in California


Elena, Maya is wonderful, and we adore her! Great fit in our family, and loved by the Pug. We had this picture taken recently, and thought you might enjoy it. Tell your husband that the collars are only for their identification tags — they both wear harnesses to be walked :)
Thanks for raising such fantastic puppies!


Brindle boy #1 in his new home in California

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Hey Elena/Philip I was just contacting you guys to let you know my puppy is doing great! I attached a link of the puppy playing fetch! he is so smart.
Thanks a bunch for everything.


Champion 4 in his new home in California


Hi Elena, I bought a male English bulldog from you last August and I am interested in making him a stud. Do you have any information on how to go through that process? His original name is Champion 4. I attached pictures in this email. He has been a great dog with no problems and healthy. He was born on August 28th, 2009. Thanks! Samantha


«Porky» — formerly Desert in his new home in California


Hi Elena,
Just wanted to show you after 2 years on how handsome my french bulldog that i got from you.. Porky stays healthy and sweet. Thank you very much for best puppy!


Tsa-Tsa in her new home in California


Hi Elena, I just wanted to let you know Tsa-Tsa is doing great! It is like she has always been here, she seem comfortable and happy. She has not chewed on anything or had any accidents in the house. She is a very very sweet dog. Why would you say I changed her name just because I cannot spell or pronounce it? Ha ha … Her name is Abby now:) and she has started to come to it. I will keep you updated and send you pictures.
Thank you!


Baby girl #1 now Gigi in her new home in California


Hi Elena,
Here’s a picture of our pup now named «GiGi». We introduced her to the rest of the family and everyone loves her dearly. Thank you sooo much!
Happy Thanks giving!
Linda & George Troxcil


Holiday — Georgie in his new house in California


Hi Olena,
Holiday-Georgie and Hazel are doing great they are getting along nicely…he is getting use to his new home. I will change food slow don’t worry…we have science diet and I will slowly put Royal canine in a little at a time. I know you love all your puppies..we will take good care of Georgie,please don’t worry! He will be a good brother for Hazel….they both slept all the way thru the night…he is learning where to go potty now..it will just take a little time. I am feeding them separately because he eats so fast and wants to steal Hazels food… Hazel and Georgie both had a nice bath today..they is all clean and fresh… Thank you for everything!


Abo Ans now Mochi in his new home in Santa Ana California

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Hi Elena,
Abo Ans so happy! Thank you so much! Chanel-my little female chihuahua is getting used to him but I think she will soon fall in love. He is so good! He plays and eats and is learning quickly where to go pee. He loves to watch TV with me and is doing very well in his new home! Do you know how big Abo Ans will get? How big are his parents? He’s adjusting well in his new home and is learning quickly where to go potty. I’ve been walking him a lot so he knows to go potty outside. He is so smart! I am so in love with him. Many people have asked me about him and I say «champion pups» in Long Beach! Everyone loves him at my work and he is very popular! I can’t thank you enough for working with me on payment. Thank you thank you!!! I am taking him to the vet soon once I have enough money for more shots and to get him neutered. I will keep you updated!
Thank you so much for this gift!


Little doggie you called Dellon


Elena, We are writing to tell you how happy we are with the puppy we got from you. He is such a happy and healthy little guy, a wonderful addition to the house. He is a little lazy :) but with some prodding we can get him to walk the neighborhood or the paths along the bay. He loves to meet the other dogs and chaser my little girl, Luella.

He plays better than we ever thought possible with her. He loves her and follows her around even though she constantly hugs him and takes the toys from his mouth. He hasn’t gotten the hang of potty training yet but we haven’t given up hope! I have attached some pictures of Luella and the puppy. Since they are both on the move all the time it isn’t really easy to capture them! Liz and Darlene


Makato in his new home in California


Hi Elena!
We took Makato now Frankie on his first camping trip to the beach this passed weekend. He LOVED it. Here are some pics. Thought you would like them.
Take care! Lindsay


BOY#4 in his new home in California


Hi Elena,
Boy#4 doing good he goes to the babysitter during the day till we get home from work we live next door to my roommate mom and she runs an after school daycare and the kids just love him. We almost have him trained to go on the potty pads at night time and during the days he is taken outside every 30mins to go potty. He hates sleeping by himself so he pretty much sleeps with us at night time he even has his own little pillow. I have attached some pictures and I will send more thank you guys again for him he is a very sweet baby.


BOY#4 in his new home in California


Hi Elena, Our new baby boy is doing really good we moved this last weekend so now he is the only dog so he can wonder around the house. We have him in puppies training and socialization classes every Saturday for the next 6 weeks and he will be going to daycare 1 day a week. He is the sweetest little spoiled guy and is growing super-fast. I have attached some picture!
Thanks Tiffany Sanchez


Albina in new home in California


Hi Elena,
Heres my big baby she has grown so much. I love her more then words can say. I spoil her rotten. Thankyou again. Cant wait to get her a little friend…
Thanks sincerely Chere


Spikey (Luckier) now 3 years old in his new home!


Hi Elena, We bought one of your english bulldogs three years ago. We are thinking in get a new pup to make company to our loved dog but we are not sure if is OK for him. We are thinking in get other english bulldog. Do you think is good for him to have another dog in home? If so, is it better a male or female? (He is spayed). We would like to visit you and see some of your pups. When is good time for you?
Thanks, Gloria Novoa


Julietta and Olechka in new home in California


Good morning Elena!
Julietta (Kilo) adjusting very well to her new home. I’m sending you pics of Kilo with Olechka (Sasha). Hope you like it! Kilo is very active and loves to play. Her and Sasha love each other, inseparable. They’re so funny to watch and Sasha loves to treat her like she’s own her baby. My family’s are having so much fun! Thanks so much for letting us take kilo! She is such a loving addition to our family. Again thanks so much to you guys! We will keep you posted!
Love Judy.


Lapochka in her new home in California



Olena! Hi!!! How are you!?
I was checking out the website again because my boyfriend and I were thinking about getting another puppy! We have been so happy with Rylee (Lapochka). She is such a joy and wonderful addition to our little family. We are moving soon and I am going to begin working by the end of summer. We thought it might be a good Idea to get our little girl Rylee a playmate, while I am still off work, so I can train him and spend as much time with him as possible. So that when I start working they will keep each other company. I was interested in maybe talking some numbers about a few of your pups (Again with the Limited AKC Reg. Because we are strictly looking for a family member not to show our pups) I really like Green Eyes Boy# 1 (male) BUT I did also really like Black Bakson… I do see he is reserved but was still curious. How long is he reserved for? Indefinitely?? Because He is surely a beauty and if Im not mistaken I think I might have seen him on another website and it said he was still availible… Just wondering. We wanted to check our your guys’ pups first because we have been so happy with Rylee and would be happy to get an equally as wonderful pup from you guys again. We ALWAYS refer people to you guys when we are asked where we got her or where ppl should look to get a frenchie : )
Thank You! Kate Bradbury


Tank (formerly named Malik on your website)


Dear Elena,
Just wanted to send you an update on our spunky pooch we named Tank purchased from you back in November. He has been the absolute BEST frenchie! We couldn’t be more pleased with the advise you gave us to helping Tank grow into the strong and healthy dog he is. He gives us just the right amount of play time and cuddle time, he is very independent and has a LOT of spunk!

We got lucky because he barely snores at all, but we get the advantage of laughing at all his snorting and noises he makes when he plays. Tank’s favorite thing to do is go to the beach. He LOVES the water! Although he can’t swim, of course, he plays well with other dogs and chases his other favorite thing: The Tennis Ball. He is such an important part of our family and we can’t imagine life without him! Everyone always compliments us on how handsome he is and we always tell them to go to Champion Pups for the best french bulldogs out there!
Thanks again, Ryan and Chasity


Marshal in his new home in Seattle


Hi Elena! My name is Lauren and my boyfriend Andrew and I purchased one of your English bully pups in April. His name was Marshal (now Otis). I just wanted to send you an updated picture of him and say thank you so much for this sweet little bully that we have come to love so much! We were so happy that the puppy nanny Ellen was able to fly with him to Seattle and she was so nice when we met her at the airport. Marshal/Otis is such a good boy and he is so handsome! He is a very good companion and likes follow us around the house to see what we are doing.

People fall in love with him wherever we take him. We have met a few other people with bulldogs and their dogs were not as healthy or good looking as yours. We are so thankful to have found you because you are very good responsible breeders and know a lot about bulldogs.

The picture is Otis in .his. chair on the deck. We didn.t think he could climb onto it but one day we just found him sitting there! He is truly a joy to have in our life we are having so much fun watching him grow into an adult. This is my first bulldog but I think I could be a bulldog owner for the rest of my life! They have such a good personality. Thank you so much for a wonderful and healthy dog, it is obvious he was born in home with lots of love and care. We will love him and take good care of him for the rest of his life! We will have to send another picture when he is fully grown.
Thanks! Lauren


Deshot in his new home in California


Hi Elena, Here’s a picture of «Rhyno» formally none as «Deshot» hes a big boy and healthy thank you very much for our dog we love him very much. Hes 31 pounds, hes personality is great very friendly never aggressive social with other dogs playful with my son and very very gentle with kids all around a wonderful dog! Ohh!!! When other dogs are barking at him or aggressive toward him he remains calm and ignores them!!!
Thank you so much, Elena, for the best dog!


Tata in her new home in Canada


Hello Elena, I just wanted to give you an update on our new puppy. We changed her name to Nova. She is such a sweetheart, she is a very special puppy!
We had her at the vet yesterday and she had a clean bill of health. I have attached a copy of her vet report. She did so well on the drive back home from the airport. It was a 6 hour drive and she slept on my lap the whole way.

She arrived to our home with lots of energy and curiosity. She has been so good with an excellent appetite. Peeing outside, no messes in the house at all! she is really smart… already learning new tricks :) We can’t thank you enough for our new addition to our family. We love her very much!


Black boy #1 — now «Spike» in his new home in Arizona


Hi Elena, He’s soooo adorable. He’s a little Love bug. He needs to always be by my side. He’s already all Adjusted to the place playing with all Of his toys. He absolutely loves his bully stick. I took him for a walk for the first time to the grass outside my yard. It was hard at first. He didn’t like the leash. But he did really well. We walked to the grass and he got used to it. He learns so fast! So now I got to get him used to peeing on the training Pads! Lol! He’s such a good boy.
Thank you so much!


«Barbaris» in his new home in California, his name now «Marcel»


My friend Doctor Marika Zoll refer Rene to us and Rene bought «Barbaris»
Here his letter how happy he is:

Hi Dr. Marika,
So as you can see «Barbaris» now «Marcel» is loving his new home. I am so pleased and happy with him, he is just so adorable.


Still shopping for his health insurance, when I registered him with the AKC, their 60 day free insurance trial is not applicable to California, now I have to look for a better deal, any recommendation or suggestions. Thank you once again for your help, I can’t explain my happiness with my new French bulldog «Marcel».

Rene Sison



Natusik — 3 years ago after this people bought her from us


Hi Elena! This is Scott Woodall. We bought a dogs from you (natusak) and wanted to know if you still have some of the dogs in Cincinnati since my wife and I moved back home from Los Angeles.
Take Care, Scott Woodall


Takesha in her new house in California


Hi Elena, How are you? Hope all is well. Takesha (Bella) is doing really well and has grown quite a bit! She loves being close to people and constantly needs attention but is so sweet! Thanks for everything. Hope you guys are well. I looked on your website and are her sisters, Tara, Tabata, and Theresa still available? Not that I can handle another dog, but was just curious.


Green Eyed boy #2 (now Tank) in his new home in San Jose, California


Green eye boy # 2 (Tank) has adjusted really well so far. He has eaten a full bowl of food and some boiled meat as his treats after going potty outside.

I have attached some pics of him with the girls and our bunny this morning..
Thank You,
Marisa Pozas


Takoma and Tabata in they new home in California


The dogs were great! They played and played and played. At night we had them in a pen with a dog bed and they didn’t make any noise They were very good, and they love to snuggle. It’s interesting to see the dogs personalities with each other.

Tabata (now Angel) is definitely the leader of this pack, and Takoma( now Harleyis) more sweet. They are having a great time and so are we. Thanks again, and I’ll keep you up to date,


Merry Christmas!


Hi Elena
Hope all is well with you this holiday season.
As you can see Marcel is almost a grown up, still growing and growing fast and healthy. I’m having such a ball with him, he is definitely the joy and the love of my life. So from our home to yours, may you both have a very Merry Christmas and joyous and prosperous New Year.
Rene and Marcel


Tank in his new home in California


Hello Olena.
This is David. I bought Frank (Tank) from you about a year and a half ago. He is doing fairly well and has filled out nicely. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He has had palate surgery because of an elongated palate and he has to take medicine twice a day to slow down regurgitation but it’s a small side note because we absolutely love him!!! Big head and coby, our little guy has gotten numerous breeding requests but we have respectfully declined. We just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of him now that he’s a big boy. Hope all is well with you and your pups.
David, Heidi, and Frank the Tank


Ellie in her new home in California


My husband and I bought one of your female puppies last march. I want you to know that we could not be happier with her!! She is completely healthy and has the best personality ever!! Having never owned a frenchie before her, we had no idea what to expect. We have never loved a dog breed so much!! She is the most fun dog to own!! Here is a picture of the little girl we love, her name is Ellie!!


Birulka in her new home in California


Hi Elena,
I wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my new puppy Birulka now Bonnie. Here pictures for you! Thanks,


Sean (now Bruno) in his new home in California


Hi Olena!
Thank you so much for all you help! Jarryd and I are enjoying Bruno very much. A lot of my friends are complimenting Bruno and asking about where we got him. We’re sending a lot of them your way. Hope you will help them find the perfect puppy as you have helped us. Bruno is settling in the apartment just fine.

He is getting along with our roommates’ Boston terrier very well. They are becoming best friends, always playing together. We will definitely keep you updated on Bruno and how he is doing. Thank you so much again. We will keep in touch :)
Jean Lin


Maya in his new home


We sold «Maya» to veterinarian Dr Jill Clark and she very happy with her puppy! She referral another doctor to us and he will buy puppy next week.

Hi Elena,
I got «Maya» from you two years ago, and love her dearly. Her new name is Clochette or Cloe for short. I LOVE my Frenchie! I tell so many people about you and your great puppies. She is absolutely wonderful. Full of joy, and super athletic which is what we wanted. I have attached a picture here of her at the dog beach in Huntington Beach. She is probably 28 lbs. Super sweet, and wants to please. I’m glad you and Dr. Fisher have found a potential new puppy for him. I will have some time tomorrow after 2:30pm to stop by and see the puppy for Dr.Steve.
Dr.Jill Clark


Felix (Champ) in his new home


Hi Elena,
Its been two years since we got Champ (Felix) from you! He is so big now. Everyone that sees him goes crazy. I’ve got alot of people asking for stud service wanted to know if you had any advise. Thank you!
Sonia contreras


Our puppy «Beauty» scored points in her first Dog Show!!!


Elena, I visited your website and was impressed with the 2 Red Female French Bulldog puppies you had on your web page as available. I purchased «Beauty» from you last year and she is become just that a very beautiful little Frenchie. «Beauty» is doing very well. She is turning into a beautiful dog with a very sweet personality. Scored points in her first Dog Show. Can you send me further info on the puppies and their parents? I am very interested in one of those two little ladies.
Best Regards,
Allan Routh


Bella in new home


We sold «Bella» to Tamara MacIlroy, she 16 month old right now) Tamara to send us her new pics, gorgeous girl!

Hello, Elena! My name is Tamara MacIlroy and we purchased a frenchie(her name is Bella) from you in sept 2011, she is our baby and we absolutely love her. Now we are starting to think we may want another…


I was just wondering how old do the puppies need to be before we can see them? We are interested in the pure red female 4 weeks old, she doesn’t have a name on your website and is in a picture with her sister. We were also interested in the 1 day old new litter, the red «female #1». And we also like the look of your miniatures, Tiny and Tinkerbell. Also curious about the picture with the four fawns who are 5-7 weeks and wondering if any of them are female and cost. Just trying to find out some information before we get too excited! Thank you, I’ve also included a couple pictures of Bella!
Thanks for the information!!!


Lacosta in her new home in California


Hi, Elena!
Here is a picture of Lacosta and the kids. The kids named her Phoebe. She is spoiled rotten. We put a bed for her in our bathroom because we have a big space for her. She did not want to sleep in her bed. She slept beside us all night and got up at 7am. We love her to death in fact we have a party tonight and we don’t want to leave her alone at home so we are taking her with us. Thank you very much for the best puppy!




Hi Elena, Just wanted to give you an update on Marshal now his name is Hugo. He’s doing great, he didn’t throw up after his shot on Thursday or Friday. This morning, no sneezing and he is full of energy, running around with his toys like a rabbit! He is eating like a little pig, just a handful of kibble 5 times a day, and his stools are firm. We couldn’t be happier with him, he has such a wonderful temperament and personality. You are the best vet Elena!
Thank you so much!


Dear Elena,
Thank you so much for saving my baby Baxters Life. I do not know what I would have done if I had not brought him to you. When first getting him he was a healthy puppy, but the paranoid mother I am took him to the Vet to make sure he was all healthy. They said that they should give him a de wormer even though I told them her already had one they said they just wanted to make sure, so they gave him another one. You later informed me that the de wormer they gave him was for puppies 16 weeks old which was to strong for his stomach and is what was causing his uncontrollable diarrhea and the blood. After bringing him to one Vet who gave him the de wormer he then started having the bloody diarrhea, which led me to take him to another Vet. This Vet then did test for Parvo and parasites, which he tested negative for all, and gave him antibiotic because I told them he has bloody diarrhea. He was on the antibiotic for almost a week and was not getting better, still had runny bloody stool.

I am so glad my mom suggested to call you to see if you know what was going on with Baxter. I am so thankful you were able to see him right away and you also knew right then what the problem was. You are the type of Vet that everyone should bring their dogs too, you knew exactly what medicine to give him to get him better and also took the time make his diet food for him every time I brought him over.


Ray Ray, aka Temka in his new home in California

Hi Elena,
Happy Holidays! Just wanted to let you know that we took our beloved Ray-Ray (aka Temke) to our vet today and she was very pleased with his health and disposition. She told us we were lucky to own such a beautiful baby. We are so happy with him! He is super smart, sweet, funny, and friendly to everyone. His big sister, our miniature schaunazer Sasha, loves him too. They play together all day long and are so funny to watch. Thanks again for our beautiful boy, Ray Ray. Sincerely, The Cummins Family


Marcel in his new home in California


Hi Elena,
Attached are a few pics of Marcel AKA Chippa. As you can tell, we are obsessed with him and love him very much. We are super happy with the puppy so far. Thank you again, he is a wonderful little puppy!
Megan & Homero


Ralph in his new home in Texas

Hello Elena, Let me start by THANKING you for been such a dedicated breeder of this wonderful babies. I believe many of us are scared when it comes to adding a new family member (Specially me, since I have 1yr old twins and an 8yr old girls). However, you have made ours the BEST EXPERIENCE! We didn’t just buy one of the BEST, you have been there to answer any questions a 1st time mother like me of a frenchie may have. You have been there every time I’ve tried contacting you, have answered all my questions and given me more information that I may need.

I have to add, that in the pass I was the owner of an English Bulldog and after the purchased was made I was NEVER again able to contact the breeder. I recommend you and your husband to any family trying to find or add a new member. 

We are so in LOVE with Mani (before was Ralph) he has adapted great to Texas weather, you gave him the best head start on «potty training» (making the rest of the training super easy! THANK YOU), and to add his temper with the girls is the BEST! They play like if he was just another baby in the house, when they cry he stays next to their crib, and if it’s nap time for the girls, is also nap time for him.

We love him very much and my husband reminds me daily of the GREAT CHOICE WE MADE. Thank you again for making us happier. We cant wait to add a new baby sometimes Jan-Feb 2013 and hopefully this time is the girl I have been dreaming of! All white with a patch on the eye! I want to thank you again for the dedication you apply to this job, and for the quality of little babies that you offer to families like ourselves. I sent you a few pictures on previews emails, let me know if your received them. If not, Ill be gladly to resend (:
Sincerely Munguia Family


Mariabella in her new home in California


Hi Elena, Attached are the vet check up papers within 3 days of purchasing Mariabella. We did change her name and she is now Stevie Nicks Kilian :) I have also attached some pictures for you — the first 2 are from the first couple of weeks we had her and the one in the sweater is from Christmas — she’s growing up!! Stevie is such an absolute joy and we get SO many compliments on her. We have referring people to you guys so hopefully you will get some new customers! I will continue to send updates and pics. Hope you had a nice holiday!
Zach, Briana, & Stevie Nicks Kilian


Titus in his new home in Los Angeles California


Hi Elena, We are loving our Frenchie Titus! He is healthy and smart! We set up an area of our home just for training. We call it the training ground. Titus gets excited to learn and he loves to please us with his immediate response to commands! He turned 5 moths old yesterday and can sit, stay, lay down, stand, shake, roll over, play dead, spin, fetch, balance a treat on his nose, knows the names of his toys and can touch the items on command. He generally can learn a new skill in about 24 hours! But best of all, he is peaceful, sweet and lovable! I included his latest glamour shot!
Thank you so much!
Dawn Aberdeen




Ella(Green Eyed Girl) and Pearl(Bertha)

in they new home in California

Ella Pearl MJ and Ella


Hi Elena,

I just wanted to say Thank you for our wonderful puppies!!

We love and adore themso much!! These puppies are so spoiled, they go everywhere with us and everyone

goes nuts over how gorgeous they are.I really appreciated all the knowledge of the breed you shared with me, I feel

really lucky to have found such a good breeder that cares so much about the puppies.

Thanks so much,

Chona Anderson

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